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Some aspects of the Georgian taxation system

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 5
Georgia’s administration has frequently mentioned its favourable taxation regime for businessmen. However some experts do not have such a high opinion of the Georgian tax system.

One of the top Western auditing companies, Price Waterhouse Coopers, thinks that the existing tax regime is not that simple in Georgia. PWC has just published a rating of the simplicity of the taxation systems of 181 countries. Georgia takes 110th place in this rating, whereas it was 102nd last year. Having a low rating to begin with, it has fallen a further eight places.

Economic analyst Revaz Sakevarishvili thinks that things are not as easy and favourable as we are told. The global crisis and the war imposed on Georgia by Russia have created absolutely new challenges for Georgian businesses and the economy. Under these circumstances the taxation code should become extremely favourable in order to attract business.