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Tuesday, May 5
President opens textile enterprise in Adjara

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili opened a new textile factory called Adjara Textile in the village of Bobokvati, Adjara, yesterday. The President addressed the staff of the enterprise and spoke about the success of the Government in the economic sector. He said any word given by the Government to the voters before the elections would be kept and they would not remain just words.

The President also spoke about economic and other problems which have become deeper due to the global economic crisis.

“We really have to lure investors, which we will do if we stand together and continue with our reforms and all projects, the construction of roads and the development of infrastructure. This will help us overcome the crisis worthily. The problem of unemployment and poverty is very serious, but if we stand together and maintain stability, we will succeed,” Saakashvili said, calling upon sportsmen and the Olympic Committee to help the factory and promote its products.

Adjara Textile has 300 employees and this number will increase by 200 in the near future.
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Pipia accuses radical opposition of double standards

The leader of the opposition party Georgian Politics has accused the radical opposition parties of double standards. Gocha Pipia says there is no opposition in Georgia and those who hold rallies in the streets have played their role in all the negative developments in the country.

Gocha Pipia promises to prove his allegations and convince the society of this if he is given the chance to talk live on TV.
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Eka Beselia – We have many surprises prepared

On May 6, Giorgoba (St.George Day), the opposition plans to picket the Ministry of Internal Affairs after the liturgy, Eka Beselia announced at the rally outside Parliament yesterday.

Beselia added that the rallies will be more wide-ranging from now on, as more dynamic and swift actions are needed in order to finish the fight and force the Georgian Government to step down.

Beselia added that centres of protest will be opened in the regions next week, namely in Samegrelo and Adjara. “We have many spiky surprises prepared which will bring our fight to its conclusion,” she noted.

German newspaper publishes protestor`s photos

German newspaper Tagesschau has released two photographs of an opposition party member who claimed he was the victim of Government harassment, which they say trigger doubt that the member of Nino Burjanadze`s party really did suffer a head injury.

The accompanying article states that a photograph taken an hour before a news conference at which the party presented its beaten member to the media shows that the man has no head injury. The article says that the journalists who took the photo could not contact the injured protestor after the press conference.
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Givi Targamadze causes irritation in majority of respondents

Kviris Palitra has conducted a poll which asked the question, “which representative of the Government irritates you most of all?” 431 readers responded, rating the names listed in the paper.

The most irritating member of the Government was deemed to be Givi Targamadze, who achieved a rating of 6.27. He was followed by Mikheil Saakashvili with 6.05, Vano Merabishvili with 5.44, Eka Kherkheulidze with 5.28, Gigi Ugulava with 4.53, Zurab Adeishvili with 3.40, Davit Bakradze with 2.66 and Giorgi Baramidze with 2.38.

Rescuers still searching for child

Rescue works have resumed in Abastumani, where a ten-year-old girl, Mariam Beridze, fell in the river four days ago. The child was crossing the bridge but slipped and fell in the river. She was with a friend, who called for help, but helpers failed to save the girl.
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