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Will the opposition gain more support by blocking off the main roads throughout Georgia?

Tuesday, May 5
“The oppositional leaders say they will gain something from this, but I don't think it is the right method to block the streets and give more trouble to drivers and citizens who are not involved in the rally.”
Ana, musician, 28

“If they are smart they should know that blocking highways and streets will not produce any effective results because this irritates people and drivers very much. It means that Tbilisi will be isolated, and that’s a terrible thought. They will get more aggressive reactions than support, I’m sure.”
Dali, doctor, 46

“I don’t like this idea but the opposition has no other way. It should somehow force the authorities to leave at last. They have blocked the Tbilisi streets but nothing has happened. I don’t know if this action will bring the desired result though.”
Vaso, taxi driver, 42

“Do you know what is happening in the Tbilisi streets? It’s awful; I cannot get to my office due to the so-called cells and blockades. I don’t want to say it, but if they block the main highways the Government should disperse them and I personally will not be against this, because they cause problems for us, the common citizens, and not the authorities. If they think that people will get angry at why Saakashvili does not resign they are wrong, because people who are really busy and hurrying to their homes, offices or wherever are irritated only by the opposition.”
Giorgi, economist, 28

“No they won’t. The people are very annoyed with these blocked roads already and I don’t think they can gain supporters in this way.”
Tea, operator, 23

“They have been standing in the streets for a month already but without any result. For a month I have been going home from my work down different roads and sometimes it takes me hours to get to my destination. It’s very irritating. I don’t know if this is the best way to gain more supporters.”
Eka, sales manager, 34

“If I had a guarantee that after such blocking Saakashvili will leave I would welcome this idea, but where have you seen a President being forced out by a street blockade?
Guram, unemployed, 41

“This isn’t the right way to gain supporters, because many people are already tired of the blocked streets. This causes many problems in the streets of Tbilisi.”
Vera, pensioner, 69