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Which TV station covers the events in the country objectively?

Wednesday, May 6
“I really don’t know. I watch all of them and then try to find out the real picture. Georgia certainly lacks an objective media”.
Beso, economist, 44

“I think Kavkasia is the most objective TV station but sometimes it tends to defend the opposition in everything.”
Gvantsa, student, 22

“None of the TV stations is objective. Each of them has its favourite side and protects only their interests. Unfortunately Georgia has never had objective TV stations. Even before the Rose Revolution, Rustavi 2 worked for the opposition and the First Channel served the interests of the Government.”
Lili, pensioner, 65

“None of the TV stations are objective right now. All of them are partial to one side or the other. There are absolutely Governmental TV channels and absolutely opposition TV channels. You have to watch the news from both to get a slightly balanced view of the situation.”
Nana, journalism student, 21

“I trust Imedi TV more than the others. I am not saying that it is the touchstone of fair coverage, but still I trust it, it is at least trying to achieve balance in its reports.”
Ana, sociologist, 25

“I always watch Maestro. I have seen very pro-opposition material there, however I have seen Government officials there as well. Its reports have the air of being impartial, though I am not an expert and can’t analyze this professionally. It is just the impression I get.”
Salome, German language teacher, 32

“A lot of discussions are going on about a free media and freedom of speech, but so far I do not see any improvements, all the channels are biased and it is very obvious if you watch closely how they produce news. I hope one day we will have an independent media in this country, which will give the audience accurate information.”
Otar, international law specialist, 28

“I do not watch TV because the journalists cover the news as their managers tell them to. It is irritating. So I prefer to get news from the internet.”
Giorgi, accountant, 30