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What is your opinion of the May 6 incident at the police department?

Friday, May 8
“I have been involved in the current processes since the beginning of the rallies on April 9 and I agree with the demands of the opposition, but this time I think they should have been more careful with the police simply to avoid any further provocation.”
Nino, lawyer, 34

“It doesn’t need any proof that Saakashvili’s minions have provoked people gradually, little by little. The police arrested those little boys for nothing and the people have just expressed their discontent and anger towards this illegality.”
Levan, bank accountant, 26

“I don’t approve of Gia Gachechiladze’s rash action. I think the opposition has been preparing for this step for a long time, which means they have been provoking the Government to attack them. I don’t mean to imply that Saakashvili is either a good or bad President, but the opposition should of course be more careful.”
Anna, sociologist, 32

“I have not yet recovered from the shock of May 6. Unfortunately I wasn’t at the police department that night but I was really affected by the devotion of Georgian people to one another. I think no nation will ever be as united as ours. So I think I have clearly expressed my attitude to what happened, which was more a testimony of patriotism than a simple incident.”
Nodar, political analyst, 51

“I think it was pure provocation. The opposition have failed in their protest. They haven't topple Saakashvili and this was their last chance. They wanted to show the people that the Government had violated them.”
Sopho, student, 21

“I think May 6 was one of the greatest days in the history of modern Georgia. It was a day when Georgian people showed their patriotism, will and obstinacy. Georgian people have become exhausted by the situation created in the country in the last few years. They simply demand the freedom of the judiciary, the independence of the media and normal political, social and economic conditions. I think May 6 will go down as the first step towards our relief.”
Misha, pensioner, 75

“It was a terrible incident. I think the main problem was Gia Gachechiladze, who encouraged the protesters. He must be punished, but the policemen also behaved awfully. I understand they couldn’t do anything else, but I think this incident shamed Georgia.”
Tamuna, student, 20

“This was a provocation from the opposition. They needed such an incident so they could say that the Government violated them.”
Elene, student, 20

“It was the opposition’s fault, I’m sure of it. They are very aggressive; this won’t be profitable for them. No one will support them if they go on like that.”
Bela, housewife, 46

“I’m disturbed by this. Violence is the most terrible thing which can happen in the country. On May 6 we watched on TV how citizens of Georgia violated each other, this is a tragedy.”
Shako, programmer, 28