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Should the opposition continue their dialogue with the Government?

Wednesday, May 13
“Dialogue is necessary, I completely agree with Alasania that communication with the authorities should not be suspended and both sides should be, let’s say, ‘online’ with each other. Even though they did not achieve anything special yesterday, they met and shared opinions and this is a good beginning.”
Lali, housewife, 54

“While both sides are radical and abide by their slogans, either ‘Go Misha’ or ‘I will not resign’, blocking the streets, crying in the streets, assaulting journalists and erecting cells [even if they are full of people] will not help our country and people. This radicalism is very common in Georgian politics and everyone tries to achieve their goal, but nothing good will result from such tactics. The only solution to the crisis it to sit round the negotiation table and talk about what should be done to ensure our country survives. But this should not be done as it was on Monday, when four leaders shook hands with the President with disgust and irritation.”
Irakli, student, 21

“Of course they should: staying there protesting, blocking roads and demanding a change of Government adds more problems to those which need to be resolved. I am not sure that 17 different parties can conclude an agreement with the Government so easily, but it would be more democratic than anything they're doing now.”
Davit, system engineer, 24

“I think they shouldn’t and won’t. The first attempt to solve the political crisis in this way was in vain. The President cannot see the real problems in the country. If he could see them he would be more concerned with them and wouldn’t say such nonsense as he did after meeting the opposition leaders.”
Tamila, shop assistant, 56

“Yes they should. Dialogue is the best way to end the political crisis. If they weren’t satisfied with the first meeting, they should try again.”
Rezo, musician, 38

“They should try again. Then if Saakashvili is still inadequate they should take more serious measures. The country will stand with them.”
Meriko, accountant, 48

“The authorities have offered some posts in the Government to the opposition. This is shameful. I think the opposition should not agree to that. This would be a betrayal of the principles and will of the ordinary people standing in the streets.”
Gocha, unemployed, 56

“Unfortunately it has become clear that Misha is not going to quit. So the only way left now is to start dialogue and achieve at least some positive results from the month of protests. Otherwise, I think clashes between demonstrators and the police or Special Forces are highly probable.”
Dima, distributor, 32