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If you go to the protest rallies, have you seen any violations taking place?

Thursday, May 14
“I don’t go to the rallies, therefore I don’t have any information on what is happening here. I’ve heard there were some incidents but nothing as important as what happened on May 6 at the Police Department. The opposition themselves should not allow such things to happen.”
Giga, economist, 27

“I don’t go to the protest rallies but I know there have been some violations lately. I mean this incident involving the journalist of the 1st Channel. There have been plenty of others as well. Some of these have been provoked by the Government but some by the supporters of the opposition perhaps.”
Marina, housewife, 58

“Yes, I saw with my own eyes how the young guys were beaten in front of the Public Broadcaster, but as far as I know the police did not intervene.”
Sopo, student, 21

“Yes I was an eyewitness of the incident in which the people around Freedom Square demanded that the participants of the protest open the road for vehicles. This cannot be called a violation but a dispute broke out.”
Rati, sportsman, 23

“I was only at the rallies once, on April 9, and there were no violations then”.
Gela, student, 18

“I do not go to the rallies very often, but I have been there several times and have not seen any violation. People are standing and talking. I have not even seen police nearby.”
Sandro, artist, 25

“Violations do not occur in daylight, usually they happen at night, when nobody is around to see and report them. This is how our Government treats us. That is why it should go as soon as possible.”
Nato, pensioner, 63

“To be honest I have not witnessed any violations. I do not go there every day, but attend the demonstrations at least 2-3 times a week. I have not seen anything illegal happen so far. But this does not mean that there are no violations.”
Lali, economist, 47

“If you mean, have I seen anyone being beaten up at the rally, I will tell you that I have not seen this. No other violations either.”
Tornike, student, 19