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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Friday, May 15
Refugees from Abkhazia will join the rallies

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that members of the United Georgia group in the Parliament of the legal autonomous republic of Abkhazia have made a special statement. They say that the present Government has already used up all the resources it had for resolving the conflicts, and it is unimaginable that any progress in the deoccupation of Georgian territories and the regulation of the conflicts will be made while the present Government is in power. The statement is signed by Jemal Gamakharia, Apolon Meskhi, Davit Gvadzabia, Raisa Karaia and Vakhtang Kolbaia.

The signatories consider that the Government did everything it could to create negative impulses towards Tbilisi in Abkhazians and Ossetians. They say that the present situation has encouraged refugees to join the rallies.

Targamadze does not like the formula “Powerful President – Powerful Parliament”

Rezonansi reports that the President’s idea of “Powerful President – Powerful Parliament” constitutional reform is categorically unacceptable for the Christian Democrats.

“We welcome the fact that the Government has accepted creating a commission on constitutional reforms, as we suggested eight months ago. At the same time we state that our main aim in joining this commission is to replace the present mode of government with a Parliamentary model. Accordingly, the formula we will offer to Georgian society is: Powerful Parliament, Powerful Government and Impartial President,” the statement reads.

Russia will change place of birth details in Abkhazian passports

Rezonansi writes that according to the agency Regnum Russia is going to alter Abkhazian residents’ passports to remove any reference to the bearers being born in Georgia, following a request from the Ministry of External Affairs of Abkhazia to the Ministry of External Affairs of Russia.

The External Political Department of Russia states that the place of birth of those born during the Soviet period will be written as either Sokhumi or Abkhazia. People born after this time but before Russia recognised Abkhazia will still be listed as being born in Abkhazia. The Russian side also states that it will change the place of birth details in the passports of Abkhazians currently abroad.

Curfew will be established for children in Abkhazia

Rezonansi reports that a curfew will be established for children in Abkhazia. Schoolchildren will not be allowed to go outside without being accompanied by an adult between 10 pm and 6am.

The main reason given for this is that the incidence of child crime is very high. 126 young people have been arrested so far this year.