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Has the opposition split in reality or is it a tactical move?

Friday, May 15
“Well it is difficult to say whether this is true or not. But I have no doubt that sooner or later this will happen.”
Ucha, economist, 29

“I think there is a disagreement within the opposition. I think some of them want to continue with the dialogue with the Government and others want to go on taking radical measures. This could be the beginning of their break up.”
Nunu, teacher, 56

“Opposition leaders claim this isn’t true. I think this rumour is part of the anti-opposition campaign. The Government wants to show the people that the opposition aren’t stable.”
Tatia, student, 18

“I don't think this is a tactical move. They aren't that smart.”
Nino, programme assistant, 26

“They have different views and it seems that they really have split, but I hope this is not true. They have a common goal and I hope that they will achieve it.”
Natia, student, 20

“I don’t think they have split. Or have I missed something? On the contrary, the whole country will join them on May 26 to defend our common aims.”
Nikoloz, doctor, 45

“Yes, in my opinion there is a disagreement between the radical political parties and that encourages them to split. Everything will become clear very soon.”
Mariam, student, 22

“I do not know exactly, however I do not think they have split. It is a tactical move. If they split, they will not be able to achieve their main aim, to force Saakashvili out, so I am sure they have not split and will not split.”
Nana, manager, 48

“Maybe the opposition will split in the future, but they are still together at the moment.”
Nino, librarian, 50

“The Government is trying to mislead the supporters of the opposition and discredit it. I am sure the opposition are united and acting together.”
Ia, housewife, 47