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More people want to leave Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, May 18
The number of people wanting to leave Georgia as labour migrants has increased recently. The International Organisation for Migration says that 54% of female and 46% of male respondents to a recent survey have expressed a willingness to accept any offer to leave Georgia and work outside the country. The ages of those questioned are between 25 and 30.

The region in which the greatest proportion of 25-30 year olds wishes to leave the country, according to the poll, is Imereti. This is followed by Kakheti, Tbilisi, Adjara and Kvemo Kartli. Most if those who want to leave are ethnic Georgians, unmarried, with a bachelors or masters degree. Teachers, doctors and economists are the professionals with the greatest desire to leave, although they will seek work as babysitters and in restaurants or hotels.

The countries most respondents would like to work in are the USA, “any country”, Greece, Turkey and Italy. The most common reasons given for wanting to migrate are having relatives living abroad, just wanting to leave Georgia, thinking it is easier to get a job abroad, knowing the language of the desired country, and an attractive image of the country seen on TV.