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Do you think Georgia should sign a ‘non-aggression’ agreement with the separatists?

Monday, May 18
“Neither Russia nor any of the separatists has the right to suggest to Georgia that it sign such a silly document as a so-called “non-aggression treaty.” The only aggressors are the Russians, so let them sign such a document, saying that they will never interfere in Georgia’s internal affairs and never dare to draw new maps which treat its two puppet territories as independent states. Are Putin, Medvedev or Lavrov not ashamed at shaking hands with Kokoity and Baghapsh and sitting next to them at the negotiation table, claiming they are legal Presidents? I really want to know the answer to this.”
Gaga, student, 21

“I do not think Georgia should sign an agreement with the separatists because official Moscow says that this agreement is a firm guarantee of preventing aggression by Tbilisi against its neighbours, which is not true. Georgia did not commit any aggression against South Ossetia and is not going to.”
Givi, engineer, 58

“To my mind, both Georgia and our separatist neighbours need this kind of agreement to decrease tension in the conflict regions.”
Nana, teacher, 46

“You are joking, yeah? Nothing should be signed with separatists and marionettes, particularly anything suggested by Russia!”
Keti, student, 20

“I do not know exactly what kind of agreement this so called ‘non-aggression’ agreement is so I cannot say whether Georgia should sign an agreement with the separatists or not.”
Maka, student, 19

“Georgia shouldn’t sign any documents with separatists at all. They are merely de facto independent entities, and a sovereign country shouldn’t enter into any agreements with them, especially when there is no guarantee that the other side will obey the terms of them.”
Kote, student, 19

“Yes, I think it would be OK if Georgia signed such a document with the separatists. But this agreement should be monitored and guaranteed by international society.”
Tatuli, cosmetologist, 35

“The separatists are good at provocation. We’d better think of drawing up a document which will ensure these provocations stop, if this is possible of course.”
Tea, economist, 22