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Do you agree with the opposition holding the Corridor of Shame outside the Georgian Public Broadcaster building?

Tuesday, May 19
“No, not at all. Journalists are common citizens who do their job and no one has the right to made them go through such stupid so-called shame corridors. If the leaders who organise such actions went through them rather than the journalists, it would be fairer.”
Ia, tour operator, 23

“Well I understand what the opposition are demanding from the journalists but I don’t understand why they ask them to respond, because they should address their demands to the authorities or the GPB Director General. It is pointless to make those young people pass through all the shouting and assaulting in such corridors because if they leave the channel others will come in their place. So the opposition’s tactic serves no purpose.”
Givi, architect, 54

“I agree with the opposition that our TV channels are biased and don’t broadcast what’s really going on in the country. But I don’t welcome the way they conduct their protest, including the shame corridors. I wonder whether freedom of speech will be guaranteed if those opposition leaders come to power? I’m pretty sure it will not.”
Bela, housewife, 38

“I don’t like the way the opposition has chosen to protest about the Public Broadcaster. It usually becomes a cause of provocation and it’s irritating”.
Teona, dancer, 23

“I don’t like the way the First Channel works. It is pro-Government television indeed. We pay them to be impartial but they don’t take into consideration our interests. I agree with the opposition holding the Corridor of Shame outside the building”.
Tamuna, housewife, 36

“If I were a GPB journalist I would probably hit them. They insult the journalists and don’t allow them to work in normal conditions. I think this isn’t the right way to protest. Television really lacks freedom of speech, but in spite of this the opposition should stop acting like this.”
Giorgi, economist, 23

“I agree with it, because this is the only way to make journalists think about ethics and balance. Maybe it doesn’t look so pretty and some of the journalists may feel humiliated, but at least they will hear what society thinks about their work”
Irakli, student, 21

“Well it’s pretty stupid to cause trouble for the lower ranking journalists, because media bias comes from the top. Television is controlled by the Government and journalists don’t have any choice, they have to work in these conditions or be unemployed, and no one wants to be jobless today.”
Robert, translator, 33