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What is the major objection you have to the President? The lost territories, social issues, human right abuses or something else?

Wednesday, May 20
“The lost war in South Ossetia was the main mistake of Saakashvili; in fact he shouldn’t have started this war at all.”
Keti, journalist, 35

“He became too self-confident, stopped listening to other people and thought he could take any decision by himself, that’s why Georgia has so many problems now.”
Lado, driver, 47

“Of course the loss of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is the worst thing any President could have done. Now I can see no way we can get these lands back.”
Giorgi, student, 22

“My biggest concern about the President is that he seems to be absolutely on another planet. I think he fails to realize what the situation is in the country. I listen to his speeches and after this I get this impression.”
Nana, musician, 39

“The August war was Saakashvili’s biggest mistake, and we cannot forgive him this. We have more IDPs, more lost territories and more poverty than we had before he came into office. I think he should be able to admit this.”
Neli, pensioner, 70

“All of the things you have listed are very important. I do not even know which one to highlight. I think Saakashvili must resign, and the sooner he takes this decision, the better for him.”
Gurami, engineer, 45

“I was more or less loyal to the President till August last year. After the shameful war with Russia I am totally disillusioned. And right now he is doing nothing to make the situation better.”
Natia, lawyer, 24

“Social conditions and human rights abuses were worse during Shevardnadze’s era, and we cannot blame Saakashvili for the war with Russia. It is not his fault that the small Georgian Army could not cope with a monster. I think it is not smart to accuse Saakashvili of all the bad things in Georgia. I believe he is no less of a patriot than other Georgians.”
Jano, teacher, 50

“The problem of the lost territories is the biggest issue for me as I am from Gori and I experienced the terror of the war myself.”
Dito, photographer, 35

“My main objection to Mikheil Saakashvili is that human right abuses are so common in our country and expressed in a variety of ways. Human rights are connected with justice, and the system of justice needs urgent improvements. If this happened Georgia would have neither an economic nor a political crisis any more. ”
Nino, social analyst, 29M

“Of course I condemn the August war and have a very negative attitude towards the decisions made by our Government in August, but I think that human rights abuse is actually the most important problem in Georgia nowadays. The August war wasn’t the first in our country; we had already lost other territories, but of course it was a terrible act as well.”
Mikheil, doctor, 46

“Saakashvili has lots of shortcomings as a President. It would take the whole day to discuss all his faults. This person might have been one of the best Presidents for our country but has let that opportunity slip. What’s more he is still doing his best to irritate and upset Georgian people. So I must confess I don’t believe in any of his promises or decisions any more.”
Vakhtang, scientist, 52

“It is difficult to give only one objection as all those suggested are important. I think solving only social problems or human rights problems isn’t enough. Saakashvili should think about all of them.”
Nana, dentist, 44

“If we had no problems with territorial unity, if the number of employed was bigger than it is now and if human rights weren’t abused so frequently we would be the happiest country in the world. We lack all of these things because during the past 20 years we have only been busy with changing and toppling the Government and Presidents, so I cannot put all the blame on Saakashvili.”
Merabi, artist, 62

“The lost war was the biggest tragedy in the history of the Georgian Republic. Saakashvili is responsible for this. He responded to provocation. This is the major objection I have to him, though there are many other problems in the country as well.”
Tika, student, 21