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Should Georgia celebrate 26 May with the usual parade or organize a protest instead?

Thursday, May 21
“I’m sick and tired of these protests, it’s been more than a month already and they have brought no result apart from the city centre being paralyzed.”
Rati, sportsman, 24

“Neither a protest nor the annual military parade should be conducted, we have nothing to celebrate now, but these protest actions have lasted too long”
Davit, hair stylist, 28

“No, no more protest rallies, I want to see a parade, I think everyone needs to see that the Georgian Army still exists after the war, it should be a sign for our enemies that we are still ready to fight if necessary.”
Shalva, student, 19

“They should continue to protest until they achieve something. What have we to celebrate on 26 May - our lost territories, the lost war, the boys that were killed for unclear reasons?”
Lamara, nurse, 59

“Unfortunately today Georgia has nothing to celebrate; we are even on the verge of losing our sovereignty. So the Government of Georgia should be very cautious and work to improve things instead of holding a useless military parade.”
Tamta, student, 22

“I am tired of all these rallies, I am fed up. I know that currently the situation is damn complicated but I still believe that Independence Day should be celebrated and not protested against as Georgia fought till the last drop of blood to gain it.”
Diana, musician, 26

“Independence Day is for everyone, each Georgian citizen, so it would be better for the opposition to avoid protests and confrontations on that day. We should celebrate it!”
Giga, bank employee, 31