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ProCredit Bank to build new head office

By Mzia Kupunia
Friday, May 29
ProCredit Bank has started constructing its new head office building in downtown Tbilisi on Kazbegi Avenue. Building the 12,000 sq.m. facility will cost approximately USD 20 million and it is due to be completed by 2011. According to ProCredit Bank officials the building will serve three functions: head office, training centre and new central branch.

“As we have been growing strongly over recent years, the size of our current head office building has become insufficient to meet the increasing needs of our clients and employees. This investment once again shows the commitment to our long-term goals of making a contribution to the development of the Georgian economy by supporting small and medium-sized businesses and offering high-quality banking services to the population,” Philipp Pott, General Director of ProCredit Bank, said at a special press briefing on Thursday.

Sascha Ternes, a Director of ProCredit Bank, said that the new head office will offer better conditions for the bank’s employees. “We put great emphasis on the professional development of our staff, trying to create the most enjoyable and efficient working atmosphere for them. The new building will reflect our corporate values of transparency, open communication and professionalism,” Ternes stated.