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Do you think the opposition has chosen the right strategy by adopting several action plans?

Friday, May 29
“People trusted the opposition because they saw them as a united and joint force. If I were an opposition supporter I would not be glad that they had split off in different directions. However I should also point out that there are so many people in the opposition and each of them has individual and different opinions on various things, so it is not surprising that they will now continue their actions in different ways.”
Lili, teacher, 47

“I think that this will not bring any results, but something new has to be done because the street blockades aren’t justified.”
Levan, student, 21

“It will reduce the opposition’s influence over the population I think, because people will be confused about what this or that party is doing while another one is doing something completely different. But it is obvious that they have not had any success so far, so maybe they will reach their goals with this new strategy.”
Guram, pensioner, 68

“The partition of the opposition alliance will lead to a total fiasco, but everything depends on maintaining cooperation between the parties.”
Mary, librarian, 34

“No, I think they guess that they haven’t chosen the right way of protest and that’s why they don't have a consensus on many issues. They are looking for other ways of protest, but I don't think they will find another smart way.”
Irakli, economist, 33

“I think they began quite effectively but couldn’t manage to continue in the right way, that's why they have internal problems now. Probably they regret many things, but it’s too late.”
Tika, student, 20

“I’m glad that they have separated because those who do not like one party or one leader will not have to listen the them and do what they are saying. Personally I support Alasania and his team. I was against him allying with the Republicans and New Rights because I don’t like them at all; they are very weak, but now I will be very glad if Irakli establishes his own party and fights independently, because his place was not next to radical people like the brothers Gachechiladze. He is a diplomat and not a street politician.”
Maia, housewife, 45

“I think they have made a good choice. If they want to remove Saakashvili as soon as possible they have to use all the means available.”
Nini, student, 21

“I think the opposition have to do all they can to achieve their goals. People should realize it is not easy to make Saakashvili’s Government resign. So I think the opposition should have several plans. That won’t be bad at all.”
Mamuka, doctor, 45

“I think the opposition has come to an edge. They have tried so many ways that I have already lost my faith in them, but of course I want my country to be free of Saakashvili’s tyranny.”
Lisa, housewife, 41