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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Monday, June 1
War veteran goes on hunger strike

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that 80-year-old, Misha Khimshiashvili, a first level physically disabled veteran, has begun a hunger strike in the reception of the Gurjaani Municipality building.

Khimshiashvili says that he has no shelter, and has been asking to meet the Governor concerning this for about two months. The Governor’s Secretary has refused to let him in and keeps saying that the Governor is busy. “I have nowhere to go, I spend days and nights outdoors. I am asking the municipality to give me even one room in a deserted building,” Khimshiashvili said. The Governor of the Municipality, Giorgi Chiviashvili, has made no comment on this case.

Eyewitnesses say that the Deputy Governor of Gurjaani, Goga Pertuzashvili, has violently dragged the old man into a car and taken him to the village Vakir, in the Sighnaghi region, where one of his relatives lives.

Japanese are opening kindergarten in Patara Chailuri

Alia reports that on June 2, a new kindergarten will be opened in the Sagarejo region village of Patara Chailuri. It is financed by the Grassroots and Social Security grant issued by the Government of Japan. The Japanese Embassy says that the aim of the project is to improve studying conditions and give children the possibility of getting a pre-school education. About 60 children will go to the new kindergarten and it will have a staff of 15 teachers.

The project has cost USD 86,000. The Embassy explains that “The Grassroots and Social Security Agency funds small projects in the municipal government, healthcare, education and NGO sectors. The Ambassador of Japan in Georgia, Masayoshi Kamohara, will attend the opening of the kindergarten.”

Will the City Council blame Gigi Ugulava?

Alia reports that according to Tbilisi Council Member Koba Davitashvili the council has taken the decision to clean the streets around the protest rally areas but City Hall has not implemented this decision. “The members of the Tbilisi City Council couldn’t hold their meeting today because they were afraid of the people. They made up their mind to clean Rustaveli Avenue but City Hall didn’t do this,” Davitashvili said.

As the City Council changed its plans so did the opposition. They were going to hold a big demonstration outside the council building but as they cancelled their meeting they arranged only a small demonstration there. The leaders of the non-Parliamentary opposition say that their measures get results as Parliament, the Presidential Administration, the Government and now City Hall are no longer functioning.

Natural disaster in Telavi causes GEL 6 million damage

Alia reports that according to the Telavi Governor, Vasil Davitashvili, the municipality has assessed the damage it has suffered from the recent strong wind and heavy rain as being worth GEL 6 million. “This information has been sent to the regional administration and now we are waiting for further reactions to this,” Davitashvili said. Deputy Governor of the Kakheti region Giorgi Sibashvili said that the question of assistance to the damaged region will be discussed at the next regional administration meeting.

On May 25 strong wind and heavy rain killed three people in the village of Shalauri and damaged most of the important agricultural areas.