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What special presents do you give your children on Children’s Day?

Monday, June 1
“My child has been asking me to take her to the children’s concert in Vake Park and I have promised to take her. I think this will be a nice present for her, because she really wants to go there.”
Eka, accountant, 36

“I always take my children for a walk on that day. This year I’ll take them to the newly opened park of Mtatsminda.”
Misha, political scientist, 31

“When my boy was small I used to take him for a walk and buy some sweets. He liked it and that was my present to him.”
Tamriko, housewife, 50

“We don’t celebrate this day officially because every day is theirs. If my girl wants something or to go somewhere I’m in her hands.”
Nino, housewife, 25

“Probably his grandfather will take him to the zoo or Vake Park and buy him some cute presents.”
Neli, office manager, 38

“It’s Monday so I have not decided where we will go, because it is a working day. Last year, we were in McDonalds, then at the cinema. I will think of something this year also to make my sweet kids happy.”
Keti, bank employee, 30

“I don’t have children but I always spend this day with my sister’s kids. They are twins and we have a lot of fun together. This time I am going to take them to Mtatsminda Park. Since it has opened I have not been there, although everyone likes it so we will spend the whole day there.”
Lasha, student, 21