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Do you think that constitutional changes are a priority?

Wednesday, June 3
“Yes I think they are. Under the present Constitution holding fair elections is almost impossible I think.”
Tina, historian, 57

“The priority is the resignation of the President. Saakashvili should go, constitutional changes alone cannot solve our problems. Every change will be made in the way Saakashvili wants.”
Tsiuri, pensioner, 67

“I think one of the main priorities in the country is constitutional change. But I think that alongside this some of the Ministers should also be changed”.
Misha, student, 21

“Well if the changes are conducted in a fair way this will lead to the democratisation of society, and I would welcome this, however I consider that if we had a normal person as leader of the country no changes in the Constitution would be needed.”
Lana, NGO worker, 37

“Anything that will lead us out of the political crisis is a priority, but I doubt that these changes will be really useful for this purpose.”
Mamuka, doctor, 50

“The priority is the improvement of the economic situation in Georgia. When people are satisfied with their conditions no one will demand any changes.”
Ramazi, driver, 48

“I think it is not a key priority, but the Constitution still needs to be changed. The sooner they start working on it the sooner we will get results. So I welcome this initiative.”
Lana, economist, 32

“I think there are more problematic issues in the country than the Constitution. If I am hungry and have no money for bread, can I think about what kind of Constitution I have? I don’t care.”
Sergo, pensioner, 67

“Of course, if the Constitution is not good it means some institutions also don’t work well. I am not an expert on this issue, but I think that it should be revised, and I also believe good professionals should do this.”
Keti, doctor, 31

“I think the priority is holding Presidential and Parliamentary elections, and only after that should work on the Constitution begin, because I don’t trust the current administration to make any reasonable changes in the Constitution.”
Lasha, economist, 25