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Did you expect more support from the US and the West during the Russian invasion, and what kind of support did you expect?

Thursday, June 4
“Well I know that a country or person should always depend on itself, but honestly I expected more urgent action from the US and Europe. I can’t say that they did nothing, but I am sure that if there had been a quicker reaction, the consequences might not have been so bad.”
Irakli, lawyer, 27

“Before criticizing any state or organization, we should remember that we are talking about Russia, a huge state with huge ambitions. It is not easy to oppose it, even for the USA. “
Dato, engineer, 51

“The Georgian people should be very grateful to the USA and Europe because during the war they prevented the complete collapse of the country. The most important is to make sure they do not forget Georgia and our people and continue to support us in future.”
Keti, student, 19

“Well, I was not so naive as to think that NATO troops would enter Georgia to kick Russian soldiers out of our country, but I at least expected more action, rather than talk about being “deeply concerned.”
Shalva, interpreter, 32

“I think Sarkozy did a great job. It is hard to expect more from a political leader. The West was very active in August and afterwards. I don’t think we have the right to criticize anyone.”
Sopo, student, 22

“European and US leaders are limited in the actions they can take against Russia, because they have their own interests, I mean the interests of their own countries, to think of. They can’t sacrifice their interests for a small state like ours. I think the USA and Europe did their best during August to stop the violence.”
Maiko, secretary, 35

“To my mind we've already received enough support from the US and Europe, and we Georgians must understand that no state in the universe will spoil its relationship with 'dangerous' Russia because of us.”
Diana, musician, 26