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Georgia not a peaceful country?

By Messenger Staff
Monday, June 8
An Epoch Times rating of peaceful countries has placed Georgia 134th of the 144 listed. Georgia is just two places ahead of Russia, which attacked Georgia last August.

Politicians have commented on this rating. “The Georgian people are peaceable, the country has no military tensions. Unfortunately we get these sort of ratings under this leadership,” stated Goga Khaindrava, an opposition leader. Majority member Shota Makashkhia says the rating is false.

It is true that most probably the August war has negatively influenced Georgia’s image but this is because people receive distorted information derived from Russian propaganda.

New Zealand is classified as the most peaceful country, followed by Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Austria and Sweden. Australia is 19th, Britain 35th, the USA 53rd, Ukraine 135th. The bottom three are Afghanistan, Somalia and finally Iraq.