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Do you want to emigrate from Georgia, and if so, why and where to?

Monday, June 8
I have never thought I would live in my country forever, but I would like to get an education abroad and then return. I cannot imagine living abroad for a long time.
Keti, student, 21

By no means, I love Georgia. Of course, there are many problems and life is very difficult but what will happen if every Georgian leaves the country?
Mancho, student, 20

I think if there were good living conditions in Georgia no one would think of emigrating, but the salaries here are so low and there are not enough jobs to satisfy demand. I would go to Greece or Israel. Both these countries are near Georgia and lots of Georgians live there.
Bela, housewife, 45

I would live in New York or Washington. I adore the USA. I like American people and the way they live. I participate in various exchange programmes so if Im lucky I will leave for the USA soon.
Levan, student, 20

No, I do not want to emigrate from Georgia. I cannot understand people who think that in foreign countries they will have a better life. Their problems begin after emigration because every person is solidly connected to his country and when they leave their home country they still have a lot of problems.
Lana, schoolgirl, 18

In spite of the fact that most of our people live in poverty I would never leave my country and become someones slave abroad. My wife and I have pension enough to feed ourselves and pay taxes. Both my sons have jobs and they also live quite well. So I think those who should think about leaving for abroad are young people, because they should get a very good education in order to make their contribution to this countrys prosperous future.
Shalva, pensioner, 67

Yes, I think about this more frequently these days. I would emigrate to France with great pleasure, because it is my dream to live in France.
Eka, economist, 27

I will never permanently emigrate from Georgia. I would like to go and study in Europe but if I manage to do this I will return as soon as I finish my studies.
Tekla, student, 19

I dont want to emigrate anywhere but I also understand those who do. They are mostly unemployed people who want to make a little money. Perhaps they dont want to leave their homes as well but they have no choice, so they go.
Nino, housewife, 46

I lived in Spain for 5 years but Im not going to emigrate from my country again. I like the idea of travelling abroad but to stay there forever, its not for me.
Leqso, sportsman, 26