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Tuesday, June 9
Ethnic Georgians kidnapped in Gali district

Russian occupiers and Abkhaz separatists have kidnapped a whole family of ethnic Georgians from the Gali district. The criminals have abducted five children, their mother and their grandmother, who is 82, from the family of Soso Kharchilava. Reportedly, the Erik Bouba gang was responsible.

The hostages have been taken to Ochamchire. The occupiers forced the family to urge Soso Kharchilava surrender to them, however, it is not known why. The relatives of the family have urged UNOMIG to discover the whereabouts of the hostages and release them.
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Opposition remove cells from Rustaveli

The so-called radical opposition has freed Rustaveli Avenue of the improvised cells which were placed there in April when the opposition launched large-scale rallies in Tbilisi. Every street leading onto Rustaveli Avenue had been blocked by them.

Yesterday Chanturia Street was opened as the opposition activists removed all cells placed there. Municipal sanitation workers cleaned the area, but the road in front of Parliament is still blocked.

The leaders of the opposition say that the cell campaign will nevertheless continue. The cells which were outside the Tbilisi Marriot hotel have now been added to those outside Parliament.
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Georgian Speaker responds to Russian General

The Georgian Parliament speaker has responded to the statement of Russian Major-General Vyacheslav Borisov by calling it “the last link in the chain of activities planned against Georgia during last August’s Russian military intervention.”

Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy published its interview with Major-General Vyacheslav Borisov, the deputy head of Russian Paratroopers, on June 6. General Borisov commanded the paratroopers during the conflict in South Ossetia and the subsequent invasion of other parts of Georgian territory. The Ministry states that Borisov confirms that the Kremlin was preparing for an invasion long before the actual start of the war on August 8.

Georgian lawmakers say the OSCE international investigation commission should take into account the claims of the Russian General. European MPs have said that Russia’s invasion planning is unacceptable for the civilized and democratic world.
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National Forum plans to visit regions and meet people

Yesterday the National Forum began visiting the regions to meet the local population. Kakha Shartava, leader of the party, stated that party members will first visit Adjara, where they will stay until June 14. From Adjara they plan to go to Adigeni where they will hold meetings on June 15-16. On June 18 they will visit Telavi.

Cellars flood and trees are blown down

Short but heavy spells of rain and wind in Tbilisi have flooded cellars and brought trees down.

The Tbilisi City Hall Emergency Service has informed Interpressnews that almost all its units are busy addressing these problems in different places.

The Service says that the greatest number of emergencies was reported in the Varketili settlement. Heavy rain has flooded the cellars of houses, and in one of several similar incidents a tree in Zaziashvili Street fell on a house. No injuries were reported.

Incomes Ministry employee arrested

The investigation department of the Ministry of Incomes has arrested one of its employees on suspicion of misusing his position. An official states that the Chief Inspector of the Rustavi Regional Office of the Ministry, Ioseb Chkonidze, is accused of allowing a person to open a gaming club without purchasing the relevant license, which usually costs 12,000 GEL.
(Rustavi 2)