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Compiled by Etuna Tsotniashvili
Tuesday, June 9
Shalva Pichkhadze: I would consider as a real power if it is equal or more than National Movement’s rating alone

“After the first meeting with Saakashvili, opposition leaders said he was inadequate. I think he was quite adequate as he discussed their key points,” political analyst Shalva Pichkhadze comments in Kviris Palitra.

“The opposition say they want to develop new tactics, however it is very difficult to understand what they mean by this. Maybe they will go to the regions and hold rallies there. It is also a fact that the work of the Government has not been greatly disrupted by the opposition’s activities. Yes, Parliament sessions are not being held in the Parliament building and City Council meetings are not being held either, but we all know that the state is run not by Parliament or the City Council but certain other individuals. That’s why it was not big problem for the Government to let the opposition blockade Parliament. If someone blockaded Parliament in Britain it would mean that the whole country ground to a halt. But here we have another reality,” Pichkhadze says.

Levan Vephkhvadze: I cannot see a peaceful way to ensure Saakashvili’s removal

Levan Vephkhvadze from the Christian Democrats has stated that the opposition cannot control the masses and 26th of May confirmed this, Rezonansi reports. Vephkhvadze said that it is much easier to get people out into the streets than to control them when they are there. Vephkhvadze thinks that the opposition did not control the people on May 26 and this rally should have had a logical end.

“The expectation that someone would just get on a plane and fly out of the country was wrong. But we have a vicious circle here. If you don’t create this expectation people will not protest but if you do you will not be able to control them. There are some leaders of the opposition who try to rouse people to take to the streets but don’t think what will happen then,” Vephkhvadze said.

“We [the Christian Democrats] have chosen another way. If protesting brings us a good result that will be fine, but I cannot see a peaceful way of removing Saakashvili. He will not be forced to resign by protests. More international support is needed and there also needs to be a split in the ruling party as in 2003,” Vepkhvadze said.

Farmers think price of bread will increase

Kakheti farmers think the price of bread will increase soon, Akhali Taoba reports. They say that most of the wheat crop, about 80% of it, has been destroyed.

“This year the bread factories will not be provided with local products. As a result of it we can predict that even if there is enough wheat imported, the bread price will still increase,” the farmers say.