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Do you think it would resolve the crisis if all the MPs resigned from Parliament?

Tuesday, June 9
“Well, as far as I understand there will then be Parliamentary elections, but this will not resolve the crisis because the opposition will not be satisfied. I am sure that the rallies and meetings will start again. How long for? There is no answer.”
Nino, teacher, 39

“Demanding Parliamentary elections is more realistic nowadays. Maybe a lot of people want Saakashvili’s resignation and do not like his politics but what do we see? He does not plan on going, moreover the opposition’s influence on the people is becoming less and less. They have even removed the cells. I’m not saying that I liked the blocking of the streets but the protest was obvious. Now protest wave has been greatly reduced.”
Tamuna, translator, 27

“I’m sure it will resolve the crisis in the country. I trust those people who have signed the document, they are professionals and patriots of their country and if they all think the MPs should give up their mandates I believe this will bring positive results for the country.”
Guram, veterinarian, 53

“No, I don’t agree with those who made this proposal. If all the MPs resign we will just have another fuss in the country. We want peace and only peace.”
Manana, housewife, 60

“All the MPs, and the President, should resign and leave the country while they have the chance. They do nothing at all. Both elections, Parliamentary and Presidential, should be held immediately.”
Nika, student, 19

“If this means another Parliamentary election will follow, I think this will resolve the political crisis. In my opinion the only way out is snap elections and every way to make this happen is acceptable for me.”
Teona, skin care specialist, 34

“I don’t know. I think this will be a bit risky. Dissolving Parliament is always dangerous for a country, especially when it has such neighbours as Russia.”
Temuri, economist, 22

“In my opinion Saakashvili, his Government and all the MPs should resign. They have all failed to fulfil their duties correctly. We need a new regime now.”
Jaba, student, 19

“It could be an option, but I am not sure our MPs will be brave enough to make this step.”
Sopo, lawyer, 30