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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Wednesday, June 10
Why didn’t the Government approve a plan which would be profitable for everyone?

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that since the August war a solution to the problem of bank loans has not been found. The opposition parties have said that creditors should be helped. The New Rights worked out a plan for doing this and created a Bank Debtors’ Committee, but the Government didn’t approve their plan.

“This problem should be solved by the Government; we aren’t able to do it alone. If we do it this way we catch two rabbits at the same time. The banks will be able to regain their issued loan sums and creditors will also be relieved of a debt burden. Only those people whose businesses were damaged by the critical situation in the country will be eligible for such assistance under our plan.

“Our plan is that the Government will prolong the payment dates and change the structure of the credit by repaying it through public finance for a certain period. The banks will also take on certain responsibilities and be involved in monitoring the scheme. Of course the Government cannot control each debtor, this should be done by the banks. The Government will pay only a part of the amount a client owes, so the debtor will still repay his debt but only after certain period of time,” explained New Rights member Davit Saganelidze.

Ex-employee of Irakli Okruashvili detained

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Levan Terashvili, a member of the Movement for United Georgia’s political council and ex-employee of Irakli Okruashvili, has been detained in Gori. A court has already started considering his case. Representatives of different NGOs and members of the Movement have travelled to Gori to take part in theis process, among them member of the Movement for United Georgia Teo Tlashadze.

A member of the April 9 youth organisation’s staff, Dachi Tsaguria, said Terashvili has been charged with resisting the police. “This isn’t true. Terashvili went to hospital to see his wounded relative and was arrested there. They mentioned his close acquaintance with Okruashvili when they detained him,” said Tsaguria.

Kakha Shartava promises another human chain

In an interview with Akhali Taoba Kakha Shartava says: “The first stage of spreading the word in the regions will last 15 days. Members of the National Forum will visit the villages to tell people our plans, what is happening in the country and what kind of changes we want to see. We will ask them to come and join us.

“We will visit the places which have been forgotten by the politicians. We should make their residents participants in the political process. They should be freed from the fear and pressure the local authorities exercise over them. The population cannot be active without the help of the politicians.

“Every city and town should resound with protest the same way the national stadium did in Tbilisi on May 26. This will show that protest has spread throughout the country and people don’t approve of the present Government,” Shartava said.

Asked by a journalist if the ‘August 7, a million people out in the streets’ campaign would create a human chain similar to the one in 2008, he answered: “It will be the same sort of chain as last year. But this time the people will know why they are standing there. This will be for Georgia and not for entertainment or the protection of the Government.

“August 7 is a symbolic date which cannot be left unobserved. It was the day the internal and external enemies of the country tried to force Georgia to submit,” added Kakha Shartava.