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Have you been asked to pay a bribe recently or have you heard about someone doing so?

Wednesday, June 10
“No, I’ve never been asked and neither has anyone told me that they were. Maybe people are afraid to ask for bribes.”
Neli, teacher, 30

“Personally no, but I’ve heard that one of our lecturers was asking a student to pay a certain amount of money in order to write a good comment on her exam paper.”
Tika, student, 22

“Yeah, I was asked to pay some money once, when I was crossing the border to Armenia, but it was a long time ago. I think corruption has stopped in Georgia generally, as well as at border crossings.”
Givi, economist, 47

“When I recall this I always laugh very much. I was taking my entrance exams at university 7 or 8 years ago, and you know how corrupt the lecturers were at that time. One of them asked my father to pay him some money to get me into the university without me having to pass exams. Dad categorically refused and asked me to prepare well for the exams. I got such high marks in all my exams that I was accepted without paying a tetri.”
Beka, lawyer, 26

“For quite a long time I have not heard anyone complaining about this. I personally have not given any bribes to anyone in my life.”
Nestan, teacher, 40

“Nobody has asked me for any bribes. I know it was a huge problem 6-7 years ago. When my daughter was taking her entrance exams for the university I faced this problem. Now my younger daughter is entering Tbilisi State University and I am sure I will not have such a problem this time. “
Lela, accountant, 49

“I guess this issue is over. Bribery is no longer a problem in Georgia. I believe this is one of the best achievements of our current Government”
Dato, engineer, 50

“Several years ago bribery was a problem at the lower levels of state institutions, but now we have elite bribery. It is just happening at a higher level of Government.”
Tengo, driver, 35

“Bribery has happened quite often in bureaucratic institutes but I haven’t paid any in recent years.”
Nino, babysitter, 32