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Compiled by Etuna Tsotniashvili
Thursday, June 11
Rally at the hospital

Activists of the 7 November Movement held a rally in front of the First Clinical Hospital in Tbilisi on June 9, Sakartvelos Respublika reports.

One of the protestors, Dachi Tsaguria, explained that they had gathered at the hospital because they had received information that President Saakashvili would be coming to see certain people in the hospital, however the President had not arrived.

“Saakashvili is not Georgia’s President any more. Our aim was to show Saakashvili how much people hate him,” Tsaguria said. He added that police had been mobilised near the hospital. Since 11 am the area around the 300 Aragveli Metro station had been closed off as Saakashvili’s escort was due to be arriving, but it is reported that when they understood that the 7 November activists were gathered outside the hospital they chose not to come.

Another activist, Mamuka Baliashvili, said that Saakashvili’s allies Gigi Tsereteli and Rusudan Kervalishvili were waiting there for the President, but still he did not appear.

Confidence Group will support negotiation process

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the Confidence Group has released a statement saying that the group well realises that the country is in a deep political crisis and it is therefore trying to facilitate and support dialogue and create the best possible grounds for confidence building between the two sides.

The Confidence Group is an elective body whose members were chosen by 47 non-Governmental organisations. 25 candidates presented themselves for election, of which the top 15 became Confidence Group members.

Avtandil Demetrashvili accused

Political analyst and member of the Republican Party Paata Zakareishvili does not have any hope that constitutional changes will be carried out in the country, Akhali Taoba writes.

“This scheme is designed to prolong the Government’s lifespan and nothing more. The work will last until 2013 and Saakashvili will remain in post while it is carried out. Different work should be being undertaken, concerning the lost territories, but with Saakashvili in charge nothing will happen. The Constitution should not be changed at this time, because if it is Saakashvili will stay in power legitimately under the terms of this new Constitution,” Zakareishvili says.

As if he thought that Chair of the Constitutional Commission Avtandil Demetrashvili was just obeying Saakashvili’s orders Zakareishvili said that there is no doubt about it.

“I’m sure he is there to fulfil the orders of Saakashvili. If Demetrashvili does not realise this himself it is bad for him. Today Demetrashvili is being criticised by many people. I remember 6 February 2004 when a conference was held about the Constitution and Parliament ratified the new version after three readings. Demetrashvili was the only person then who was saying that there was a deadlock. Those people who are talking about his dignity were part of the National Movement election list in March 28, 2006,” Zakareishvili said.