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Whats your opinion of the Gachechiladze-Saakashvili meeting and do you think such meetings are useful?

Thursday, June 11
Georgian politics looks like a Brazilian soap opera. Any time you turn on the TV you see the same scene, the same offers and same demands from both sides. It makes no difference whether opposition and Government leaders meet or not, nobody says anything useful for the people.
Ana, musician, 29

I remember quite well when Gachechiladze was screaming that he would never meet Saakashvili until he resigned or beat him if he did meet him. I laughed at his statements because they were not serious and not pleasant to hear from a politician. What happened yesterday? Just a friendly meeting and nothing else. Im not saying that Gachechiladze should beat the President but when you are making such statements in aggressive tones you should think before you say something stupid.
Nini, student, 20

I support the idea of dialogue, but what we saw yesterday was ridiculous. I dont know why Saakashvili needed to make such a fuss about a meeting if he had nothing to say or propose. Its just ridiculous.
Gocha, unemployed, 47

I was sure this meeting would end with no result. But I think Gachechiladze was right to agree to meet Saakashvili. The opposition should keep trying to reach their goal by negotiations, without radicalising the situation.
Nata, shop assistant, 26

Both sides should make some concessions, or the rallies will be endless. If the opposition sees that Saakashvili is not going to resign, they should make some other demands. Saakashvili should also make some realistic proposals to the opposition, in order to create a feeling among the people that he is doing something to calm the situation.
Giorgi, student, 23

I had no expectations or illusions about this meeting, thats why I dont feel frustrated. Saakashvili is becoming the hostage of his own ideas and beliefs and does not want to see what the people want from him. This is the reality today.
Irakli, photographer, 31

I waited for the end of this meeting, hoping that Saakashvili would make some positive proposals. Well I knew he would not resign, but I thought he had something important to say to Gachechiladze. I dont know what the use of this meeting was. I was quite frustrated, to be honest.
Marina, musician, 45

I think the opposition and Government representatives should meet frequently in order to sort out the issues on which they can reach agreement. Otherwise the country will end up in deep crisis.
Roma, distributor, 35