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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Friday, June 12
Deputies investigate cheap insurance programme

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that members of The Christian Democratic Movement have met insurance companies concerning the cheap insurance programme.

“The cheap insurance programme is an alternative of the flawed programmes of the public health services. The Christian Democratic Movement had many remarks to make about this and considered that giving a Government responsibility to insurance companies was inappropriate. But the programme has begun and our citizens’ health depends on whether the programme is a success or not,” said the members of The Christian Democratic Movement.

Burns centre employees have had no salaries for seven months

Akhali Taoba writes that the medical workers trade union is objecting to the fact that staff of the Centre for Thermal Injuries and Plastic Surgery have not received their salaries for seven months. Nata Gogava, international and mass media relationship specialist of the centre, says that the management can’t give them their salaries because they must first repay the centre’s arrears to insurance companies and the Iashvili clinic. The Centre for Thermal Injuries and Plastic Surgery was bought by the New Hospital Company in 2007.

“Despite our repeated protest actions, nothing has changed. Our employees are still working with enthusiasm, but we are going to address the President. If our demand is not satisfied we will continue to hold protest actions. When the President asks employees of the centre to treat the sick girl, I think he should also help them,” said Gogava. Saakashvili has ordered that 4-year-old Ina Tsarelashvili be treated at the centre.

Tour companies may be closed in Kakheti

Akhali Taoba quotes Irina Kotorashvili, from the tourism information centre in Telavi municipality, as saying that the number of tourists visiting the town has decreased after the Russian-Georgian war.

“About five groups of tourists came to Telavi last year. Unfortunately, none came until April this year. According to our figures only eleven groups of tourists came to Kakheti during April and May,” said Kotorashvili.

Tour companies say that the decrease in tourist numbers has affected their incomes, so there is a high possibility that some tour companies in Kakheti will close.