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Do you think there is a possibility of a military coup taking place in Georgia?

Friday, June 12
“No, I do not think there is any possibility of military coup taking place, however some people consider that the people arrested by the police were planning a coup.”
Mery, shop assistant, 46

“I have no idea. Now right and left are mixed together and the ordinary people will never know what is real and what is a staged show.”
Vakhtang, driver, 56

“I am not sure, but it is said that the group arrested by the police were intending to stage such a coup. I do not exclude the possibility of a military coup.”
Nana, lecturer, 37

“Yes, why not?! I’m pretty sure that what happened at Mukhrovani was a military coup against the state and nothing else.”
Giga, student, 19

“Yes, there is the high possibility of a military coup, as why else would the arrested people have kept firearms and other ammunition?”
Irina, teacher, 48

“Unfortunately, I have no idea; I do not know what is happening in Georgia these days so I cannot say anything.”
Mira, student, 19

“The only threat to the security of Georgia now is the current regime; I think Saakashvili might undertake any kind of provocations to stay in power.”
Gurami, pensioner, 67

“Nothing is excluded; the way we lost the war in South Ossetia obviously demoralized our army and there should be many servicemen who are not pleased with the actions of the authorities.”
Merabi, IT specialist, 33