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Monday, June 15
Christian Democrats protest

On the initiative of Giorgi Targamadze of the Georgian Christian Democratic Movement a statement was adopted at the congress of European Christian Democratic parties in Bern, Switzerland, condemning the actions of the Russian Federation against Georgia. The statement strictly condemns Russian conduct in Georgia and highlights the problems international observer missions face due to Russia’s unconstructive approach.

The Bern congress demanded that Russia fulfill its international commitments and leave Georgian territory and denounced the recognition of the breakaway regions of Georgia. The statement was unanimously supported by representatives of Christian political parties from 25 European countries. It was also decided that all the Christian Democrat parties will actively continue supporting Georgia within their own countries.
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Heavy rain floods houses in Tbilisi

More than 140 calls were made to the emergency office on Saturday night as heavy rain flooded houses and yards in Tbilisi.

The situation was especially difficult in the Isani-Samgori and Chughureti districts. Only a few minutes after it had started raining traffic movement and walking became impossible outside the Isani subway station. The flood level rose to almost one metre, although cars and drivers were able to get out of the water without assistance.

The heavy rain caused traffic jams in the Avlabari, Ortachala and Didube districts. Traffic movement was restricted for several hours along the main streets of the city as well. The patrol police controlled the situation.

The rain inflicted damage on homes. Hail fell on Elia Mount and rescuers found hail cover of about a metre on the houses. Residents of Galavani Street said they had been living there dozens of years but had never seen such heavy hail falling there.

Rescuers and firefighters were working all night long. The heavy rain and hail uprooted several trees in Tbilisi, although no casualties have been reported.
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Three wolves tear flock of sheep to pieces in Gori district

Three wolves have torn a whole flock of sheep to pieces in the village of Tedotsminda in the Gori district. About thirty sheep were in the field when wolves entered on Saturday night and attacked them. The owner of the house saw the terrible scene only in the morning.

Locals say this is not the first time wolves have entered the village and attacked sheep, but this has become more frequent recently.
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Some Vake residents object to construction of new motorway

Some of the residents of Vake are protesting against the construction of a new motorway from Heroes’ square to Tamarashvili Street. An action was held in ‘Mziuri’ yesterday concerning this.

As one of the organizers of the action, Lasha Chkhartishvili, stated the motorway will pass the hippodrome, part of ‘Mziuri’ and the Zoo, which means that a recreational zone will be destroyed. “The ecological situation in the city will deteriorate, the real purpose of the construction is corruption,” Chkhartishvili stated.

Lasha Chkhartishvili said that the project was not discussed fully and nobody has explained exact route of the road to the Tbilisi population.

Moscow court sanctions jailing of Georgian crime boss

A Moscow court has sanctioned the jailing of Georgian citizen Tariel Mulukhov, known as Oniani. The detainee’s lawyers had requested his release on bail of 15 million Russian roubles, but this plea was rejected.

Tariel Oniani was accused of abducting a man. The prosecution asserted that Tariel Oniani is a crime boss, who abducted a man to extort money and demanded USD 500,000 from his family. An investigation revealed that the family had already paid half of this sum. Oniani was detained by Russian law enforcers on June 10.
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Mine clearance underway in Zugdidi

After serial explosions in the town of Zugdidi mine clearance operations have begun. Eight groups of sappers have been working in public places of the town for a third day.

The vicinities of the market, schools, theatre and railway station have already been searched and nothing suspicious has been found out. Those investigating the explosions have drawn up a list of suspects, although they refrain from publishing it.
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