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Should the opposition conduct more corridors of shame in front of Parliament?

Monday, June 15
“Of course not, there is very bad situation in our country and this would aggravate it more and more. If the opposition stopped forming corridors of shame in front of Parliament, the situation would calm down.”
Nato, secretary, 35

“Yes they should, because the Members of Parliament deserve such treatment from the opposition and Georgian people.”
Natia, guide, 25

“I am sure the opposition should protest further in this way. The protestors did the same members of the Government have done to their people. As you sow, so you will reap.”
Elza, student, 20

“No, they should not continue forming so-called shame corridors. It is really boring for everyone. Besides, I am so surprised that they cannot see that they bring no any real results.”
Tea, doctor, 38

“If they are going to throw eggs at politicians, then they should stop, but if they stand at the entrance to Parliament peacefully, with placards, this is OK.”
Zhana, interpreter, 22

“Yes they should. Parliamentarians should be made to understand that not everything is fine in the country. If they don’t want to see the problems of the people, the people should go to Parliament themselves and tell them about them.”
Tina, housewife, 60

“I think we have had enough of protest rallies. They should end at some point, otherwise things will become too complicated. The opposition has achieved nothing by these protests. These continual rallies are only spoiling our country’s reputation.”
Nana, student, 21

“The opposition should finish the job. They started fighting two months ago, they should not give up now. I believe the incident at Parliament was a provocation by the Government designed to discredit the opposition.”
Gia, engineer, 54

“Saakashvili is not planning to resign, so what’s the use of all these demonstrations and corridors? I don’t understand this. I don’t know what the opposition is hoping for.”
Zurab, unemployed, 58