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Tuesday, June 16
Incident at UN Mission office

An incident occurred at the UN Mission office during a protest action being held there. As action participants blocked the road, some young people in a Toyota car demanded to be let through and bumped into several people while forcing their passage.

Three women were injured and an ambulance called. One of the injured persons was rendered unconscious. It is assumed that the people in the car were drunk.

The action at the UN office was being held on the initiative of Abkhazia Supreme Council Deputy Ada Marshania, and was a protest against the wording of the latest UN report on the situation in the conflict zones. Protestors urged the forthcoming UN Security Council session not to treat Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region as being separate from Georgia and give them separate UN missions.

Dmitry Medvedev – the current Georgian regime has committed a crime and we’ll have nothing to do with it

The President of Russia has described the situation in Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia as the product of the ‘irresponsible criminal policy’ of the Georgian Government.

Questioned about Russia’s plans for these regions in an interview with China’s Central Channel, Dmitry Medvedev pledged to continue giving them economic and military support. “This is our choice and we are not going to change our projects, whether anyone likes this or not,” he said.

Medvedev also commented on the position of the United States and said that Russia saw nothing dramatic in it, because every country was free to make decisions on similar issues independently. “If it were not for these stupid [Georgian] actions, life would have been different. Several dangerous actions were carried out, which resulted in casualties. As a result, the Russian Federation had to protect its citizens, the citizens of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We recognized these independent states afterwards,” Medvedev stated, adding that “this was a humanitarian and moral obligation.”

The Russian President ruled out conducting any kind of dialogue with the current leadership of Georgia and said that negotiations would be possible only if that Government was changed. “We consider that regime has committed a crime and thus we’ll have nothing to do with it. But it is natural that after the elections which will be held in Georgia sooner or later produce a Government able to negotiate with Russia and its nearest neighbours Abkhazia and South Ossetia, we’ll get back to discussing different issues,” Medvedev stated.

CSD arrest Kaztransgas employee for bribery

The Constitutional Security Department has arrested a Kaztransgas Tbilisi employee on suspicion of racketeering. It is reported that Irakli Porchkhidze was caught red-handed extorting 500 GEL from a company subscriber. The suspect was promising to help the subscribed evade taxes.

Irakli Porchkhidze may face a four-year sentence.
(Rustavi 2)

Rally at Rustavi 2

Relatives of Nika Gelashvili, the employee of Rustavi 2 who died in the collapse of the Star Academy building, rallied outside the TV company today demanding publication of the results of the investigation into the building collapse.

The Director General of Rustavi 2, Gogi Gegeshidze, made a special statement in response to the protest. He said the company was itself interested in finding out why the tragedy had happened and was also waiting for the results of the investigation. He added that company representatives would make additional statements when the investigation was finished.
(Rustavi 2)

Police officer murdered

A murder took place outside the Kvevrshi restaurant on Sunday night. 27-year old police officer Lieutenant Mamuka Chkharchkhalia was shot dead by a bullet to the head, police said. Eyewitnesses said that the officer died immediately.

The corpse of the officer has been examined at the morgue. The motive for the murder is as yet unknown. Experts were worked at the scene of the murder for several hours.

The Interior Ministry has released a special statement regarding the incident, which says that Sergo Sukhishvili, an officer of the Interior Ministry, has been arrested on suspicion of killing his colleague.
(Rustavi 2)