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Were the authorities right to disperse the protestors outside the police headquarters?

Tuesday, June 16
“I am astonished and shocked at the TV footage. That was terrible. Why were they beating these people? I’m really very sorry this happened, and I express my support for the journalists involved in particular, because they are completely innocent.”
Marika, housewife, 28

“Vano and Misha Go! This is all I can say for now.”
Vako, student, 21

“Of course they were not right and I strongly condemn this action, but I would also like to mention that young activists are very impolite and often create provocations. I suggest that the police detain criminals but not beat them, as this is a gross violation of human rights.”
Lali, teacher, 46

“It seems the Government has got tired of these rallies and has decided to stop them. Frankly the people are also tired, but not by the rallies but the Government’s irresponsible actions.”
Shalva, economist, 51

“I cannot say that they were right to disperse the rally but it is obvious that opposition create provocations all the time as they want to be beaten and dispersed so they can say “look at what Misha does, he beats us, he disperses us.” Yes, he disperses you because you make him do so. How long will these so-called rallies continue when people are not coming? The opposition want such things to happen to make people to go out into the streets.”
Levan, student, 22

“These rallies have gone on for more than two months already, I think it’s too much. Sooner or later this situation has to be resolved and if they [protesters] won’t compromise the Government should use some other method.”
Manana, designer, 36

“Once before Misha used force against the opposition, I think repeating this mistake is fatal for him and his Government”
Rezo, culture worker, 54

“Despite the fact I am really tired of all these rallies I still don’t think they should use force against them. We are still the same people, we are Georgians, we shouldn’t fight each other.”
Davit, security guard, 35