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Have you cut your expenditure, and in what directions, due to the economic crisis?

Wednsday, June 17
“My family’s income has not decreased thus far, but we are trying to spend less, because we are expecting job cuts or at least salary cuts in Georgia. I spend less on clothes and cosmetics now than I did last year. I have decided to save a bit until the big crisis hits us.”
Maka, accountant, 23

“I am a real estate agent, and my income depends on how many flats I sell. I can say I have earned almost nothing this month. I don’t know how long this will last. I used to earn money for my family and was not dependent on others’ income, now I look forward to my son getting his salary. Of course I have cut spending to a minimum.”
Mediko, real estate agent, 55

“We have limited our expenditure because some members of the family have lost their jobs. I think this will not last for a long time though and new jobs will emerge soon.”
Dato, student, 20

“Well I don’t save money on food which is the most important thing for the family. But I think we won’t spend our holiday abroad this year. Last year we were in Turkey, but I guess we’ll spend the summer in Batumi or Kobuleti if there is peace in Georgia.”
Lali, housewife, 37

“I have not lost my job and all my family members are working as usual. So no cutbacks have been made in my family so far.”
Rezi, computer specialist, 24

“Unfortunately I was dismissed from the bank where I was working a month ago. I’ve been looking for a new job but as yet without result. Certainly I haven’t lost hope of finding a better job but I have decided to spent the summer with my grandparents in the village instead of going to Batumi or other resorts and paying GEL 50 for a hotel. From September I’ll start looking for a job with new energy.”
Elene, former bank employee, 26

“My mother was a nurse in one of the private hospitals but as a result of staff reductions she had to leave. Now I am the only person working in the family. I try not to spend money on clothing or in restaurants and I buy some food for the family. Of course it is not easy but the crisis will be overcome soon, I hope.”
Shota, distributor, 30

“I have always had to limit my family’s expenditure, especially in recent months, because my monthly salary is always late. I think this is caused by the crisis because it is not only me who complains about this. Now I have to spend my money on basic living expenses and very seldom on buying dear things. ”
Lela, librarian, 54

“Yes I do, but it has always been like this. My wife and I have always tried not to spend much because our salaries aren’t very big and if we spend more we might end the month without money.”
Dato, driver, 55

“I can say that I don’t limit my expenditure in any special way. As long as I have my job, I can afford the same kind of life I could before the crisis. But a lot of my friends have been damaged by the crisis already.”
Anano, bank employee, 34