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Compiled by Inna Egieva
Thursday, June 18
Dachi Tsaguria’s wife on hunger strike

Akhali Taoba reports that Natia Khaindrava, wife of the arrested November 7 Movement leader Dachi Tsaguria, is conducting a hunger strike in a tent at the Czech Embassy, demanding the removal of Georgian Minister of Internal Affairs, Vano Merabishvili.

Khaindrava said that she chose the Czech Embassy for this protest to show how much people object to the statements of the Czech Ambassador about the incidents that led to her husband’s arrest. She advised the Czech Ambassador not to interfere in Georgia’s internal affairs and not express his subjective ideas about the situation in the country.

Dachi Tsaguria and four other opposition activists were arrested after the altercation between protestors and MPs outside Parliament and have been imprisoned for 30 days.

Budgets for President Residence and Chancellery decrease

Akhali Taoba writes that the Presidential Residence and Chancellery will receive fewer public funds in next year’s budget. This is stipulated in the budget draft which will be presented to Parliament after July 4. Financing of the Residence will be cut by GEL 1.7 million and GEL 1 million will be removed from the Chancellery’s resources.

The draft budget also reduces the Defence Ministry’s funding by GEL 45 million, the Finance Ministry’s by GEL 4 million and the Ministry of the Environment Protection and Natural Resources’ by GEL 3.6 million.

New leader of Abkhazian Government conducts first meeting

Akhali Taoba reports that Gia Baramia, the new Leader of the Tbilisi-loyal Abkhazian Government in Exile, conducted his first official meetings on June 16. The Interpressnews media centre in Abkhazeti had stated that Baramia spoke to members of the Government about his future work plan, how to resolve the problems of displaced people, changing the structure of the Government and future reorganisation. In the near future Gia Baramia will meet members of different branches of the Government.