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Have your political views changed since the rallies began?

Thursday, June 18
Yes, definitely. I was an opposition supporter, I liked the Republicans, but now I see that they are not powerful enough to change the Government. What they have been doing, two months of standing in the streets, is completely unacceptable for me. Shouting, assaulting people and blocking the streets off are the worst things politicians can do for their country.
Tsira, dentist, 46

I changed my mind when Alasania left the authorities and created his own politician team. I welcome his decision and I will be glad to become a member of the new party he is going to form. He is a very serious and intelligent diplomat. He is the politician Georgia needs today.
Beka, lawyer, 29

I was an opposition supporter and stood in the streets at the first rallies but I have not been going for a month because I have realised that street protests are not useful and are not enough to remove Saakashvili with. He will not resign because thousands of people are protesting as Shevardnadze did, moreover he has support from abroad, which means everything nowadays.
Manana, housewife, 43

I was never an opposition supporter but what Saakashvili has been doing lately, he and his Government, beating up and assaulting ordinary people with batons, is shameful. I now support the opposition, although I dont go to the rallies because I think negotiations should start as soon as possible.
Giorgi, student, 23

I think the opposition can achieve nothing, I was sure about this even at the very beginning of the rallies. They are just talking a lot and doing nothing specific.
Ilia, accountant, 24

I dont support any of the parties or sides. I support peace and stability in the country, and I think that due to these rallies and tensions we will not achieve the desired peace for a long time.
Tengo, driver, 36

I thought our opposition would have achieved more with the rallies, I think Saakashvili is the winner of this political battle. No matter how sad it is to admit this, we have to.
Leila, housewife, 42

My political views have not changed at all. I was discontent with the current Government before and I am discontent with it now. But maybe my frustration with the ruling party is greater than it was before.
Giorgi, economist, 30