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Were you affected by the recent storms?

Monday, June 22
“At first I was a little concerned when I heard the weather forecast but thank God Tbilisi was on the safe side. I wasn’t affected by the heavy rain but my neighbours said their house in the village was badly damaged and I’m sorry for them.”
Tamriko, teacher, 43

“Yes, my street was full of water and for a day we had no drinking water either. Perhaps they were afraid of water pollution.”
Gvantsa, student, 19

“Yes I was. My ceiling started leaking water as it always does during heavy rain. Now we are doing some cosmetic repair works on the roof and I hope next time the rain won’t get into my flat.”
Tina, housewife, 54

“It did not rain in my house, as it did in many Tbilisi residents’ houses, but I got soaked in the rain several times in the evening on my way home. I am looking forward to the end of this terrible weather in Georgia.”
Nana, lecturer, 45

“Every day when it rains there is a horrible mud puddle at the entrance to my house, so there is no way that you can get out clean. This is the first time I have seen such a summer here.”
Tamila, housewife, 50

“I was unable to drive because of the heavy rain yesterday evening, I simply had to stop and wait till it was over. I hope no incidents will happen because of the weather.”
Giorgi, distributor, 25

“I live on the ninth floor and every evening I am afraid the rain will leak into my house, but so far fortunately nothing has happened. I have heard many stories on TV that it was raining as much in the house as outside, I am afraid of that.”
Tsira, student, 19

“I guess this is punishment from God for our misdeeds. People have forgotten God, and this is what we get as a result. Every day I pray to God and ask Him not to harm Georgians, we have had enough problems recently.”
Dodo, pensioner, 70