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Thursday, June 25
President visits Armenia

The President of Georgia has begun an official visit to Armenia. Mikheil Saakashvili travelled to Armenia yesterday at the invitation of Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian and will remain for two days.

The Presidents of Georgia and Armenia will meet face to face during the visit. The Presidents will discuss deepening economic and political relations between the states. According to preliminary information the key issue discussed will be the concerns expressed by the Armenian side about the current transit tariff imposed on the Armenian cargo and the activation of the Kazbegi-Zemo Larsi checkpoint, which is in Armenia’s interest. (Interpressnews)

Putin’s ex -adviser expects further aggression from Russia

Russia is preparing a new military aggression against Georgia. The Kremlin will try to finish the job it started in August last year and overthrow the Georgian Government, the ex-adviser to Vladimir Putin said at a briefing held yesterday.

Sergei Ilarionov said that Russia’s plan is to divide Georgia into seven or nine regions on an ethnic basis, all of these fighting each another. The plan is to destroy internal political stability in Georgia in order to convince the world that no one except Russia needs the country.

“The main purpose is to destroy the country and put “military and political porridge” in its place, in which everything is ruined”, Mr. Ilarionov said. He predicted that the new aggression would start on July 6, 2009. (Rustavi 2)

Zurab Noghaideli presents his plan for conflict resolution

Leader of the Movement for Fair Georgia Zurab Noghaideli presented a plan for conflict resolution to the Georgian public yesterday. Noghaideli said his party said no to war as a mechanism of conflict resolution and stated that the Government of Georgia should draft a peaceful and long-term plan of conflict resolution.

“First of all, the country must strengthen its economy and regain the confidence of the Abkhaz and Ossetian people, which will give a green light to the resumption of control over the lost territories,” Noghaideli said, adding that the key task of the Government should be the return of IDPs to their homes.

Noghaideli said that his party would present its foreign policy action plan next week. (Interpressnews)

Opposition supporters have different opinions about Berlin meeting

The supporters of the radical opposition who have been staying in improvised cells in various districts of the capital have given different reactions to the information that opposition leaders Davit Gamkrelidze and Levan Gachechiladze have met former Interior Minister Kakha Targamadze. A video depicting this meeting was published on yesterday.

Some opposition supporters do not believe in the authenticity of the video, others are against the Russians funding opposition activities, some say it makes no difference who gives the money if it is spent for the benefit of the country. (Rustavi 2)

Maisashvili invited state minister to presentation of memorandum

The leader of the Party of the Future, Gia Maisashvili, invited the State Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration Giorgi Baramidze to the signing of the Memorandum of Consent yesterday.

Maisashvili proposed that the Government, opposition and public create a government of national consent last week .He stated that before new elections are called a transitional Government should be formed containing representatives of all political parties.

Several opposition leaders signed the memorandum yesterday but the State Minister did not. (Rustavi 2)

Fire in Kutaisi

On Tuesday morning the building on Queen Tamara Street in Kutaisi which temporarily houses the police headquarters, which several other organisations are also leasing parts of, was set on fire.

The three-storey building was incinerated as firemen could not localise the fire in time. The police moved into the building several months ago as their permanent headquarters are being refurbished. (Interpressnews)