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Please comment on the opposition leaders’ meeting with former Interior Minister Kakha Targamadze

Thursday, June 25
“This video is part of an anti-opposition campaign by our Government. They have been broadcasting documentaries about corrupt officials from the Shevardnadze Government for several days through the leading TV channels. It is logical that they were preparing for something like this.”
Otari, economist, 43

“It is terrible. I don’t want to even imagine what can happen if such corrupt ex- senior officials as Kakha Targamadze and Levan Mamaladze return to Georgian politics. This will be a catastrophe.”
Lamara, housewife, 60

“I don’t know, it is difficult to believe that any of the politicians think they can succeed with the help of Kakha Targamadze”.
Tiniko, student, 22

“I think politicians should avoid meeting controversial figures like Targamadze. I am sure this decreases their popularity among the citizens and their level of trust.”
Sali, student, 20

“It is yet to be discovered what the opposition leaders and Kakha Targamadze were talking about. I think there is nothing wrong with just meeting. If they were discussing how to destroy Georgia’s statehood this was a crime, otherwise it’s OK.”
Natela, teacher, 56

“I have seen this footage and I think it proves nothing. I did not hear what they were talking about, but I think they should not have met him. If the Georgian opposition are happy to come into government with the help of former criminals and friends of Shevardnadze, they are not pro-Georgian.”
Shota, engineer, 40

“I am quite disappointed to see that the opposition are holding secret meetings abroad with God knows who. Everything should be transparent if they don’t want to end up being the analogy of Saakashvili’s Government.”
Dachi, student, 22

“I can see nothing wrong in this meeting. That’s all I can say.”
Valeri, lawyer, 25

“Our Government does lots of improper things without any public announcement so it’s up to the opposition to take any steps they want and discuss burning issues with anyone they want.”
Laura, pensioner, 69

“It’s good, because the former Minister has a lot of information which will help the opposition reach their goal, so such meetings are profitable for the opposition. Besides, Kakha Targamadze isn’t a criminal and meeting him isn’t a crime.”
Giorgi, student, 21

“No comment, as we don't know what the real reason behind this meeting was. Maybe they just had a nice meeting not connected with politics.”
Nino, administrator, 23