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Thursday, July 2
Georgian wine exported to more than 55 countries

Georgian wine is now being exported to more than 55 countries. The Ministry of Economy states that the markets of Indonesia, Barbados and Luxembourg opened for Georgian wine in 2009. Wine export of USD 9.9 million was carried out in this period, in spite of exports occurring mainly in October and December.

After the Russian embargo on Georgian wine it began being exported to other markets – Finland, Ireland, Spain, Italy and other countries.

Georgian mineral water is exported to 54 countries. Fruit juice production is also important here, and this product is exported to 30 countries, mostly Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia and France. (Interpressnews)

Russia named as aggressor in Echo Moskvi radio station poll

Popular Russian radio station Echo Moskvi has conducted an opinion poll regarding the August 2008 war between Russia and Georgia. Listeners were invited to answer the question - who was the aggressor in August 2008? Two-thirds of the 5,268 respondents said Russia was the main aggressor. Russia was named as the initiator of the war in a phone survey as well.

Echo Moskvi listeners also answered another question - did a genocide of the Ossetian people take place in August 2008? 66% of those voting said it hadn’t. (Rustavi 2)

Maia Miminoshvili urges graduates to use their skills

Director of the National Centre of Examinations Maia Miminoshvili has called on school leavers to calm down and utilise their skills at the media centre opened at the administrative building of the Georgian Technical University.

“The greatest supporter school leavers have is the National Centre of Examinations. I want to tell them that there is no time to be nervous. School leavers must manage to utilise and display their knowledge,” Miminoshvili stated. She asked school leavers to get to know the information indicated on the plastic cards they are issued after they graduate.

Miminoshvili also said that Masters examinations are being held within the national examination framework for the first time on 8-10 July this year. “The State will finance study for a Masters degree for the first time this year. We are holding state Masters exams that are of the utmost importance,” Miminoshvili stated. (Interpressnews)

Ex-PM demands reforms in education sector

The leader of the Movement for Fair Georgia, Zurab Noghaideli, has proposed a list of reforms in the education sector, pledging to implement these when his party comes to power.

His reforms would be conducted in kindergartens, schools and universities. He states that the Government should increase education funding and create new programmes for schools which are compatible with united national examination requirements. (Rustavi 2)

Movement for United Georgia addresses international organisations

The Movement for United Georgia, founded by fugitive minister Irakli Okruashvili and currently led by Eka Beselia, has sent a letter to international organisations and the diplomatic corps.

The letter details human rights violations, and the lack of investigations into them, between April 9 and the present. Eka Beselia says 75 people have been arrested and 250 injured in this period.

The party has already filed a complaint at the law court. The Movement for United Georgia hopes that the diplomats will not limit themselves to making only political statements and will take specific steps. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian and Romanian rugby players clash again in Romania

Georgian and Romanian rugby players have clashed again. The incident occurred in Romania, where the national junior teams were competing for the Black Sea Bowl and the hosts defeated the visitors 12:6. The clash began after the game. Spectators were also involved and only the intervention of local police managed to relieve the situation and secure the safety of the Georgian sportsmen, who had bottles thrown at them by Romanian fans.

This was not the first incident of aggression against Georgian sportsmen. Five Georgian members of the Paruli team were seriously assaulted by players from Romanian club Dinamo on April 11. (Rustavi 2)