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Where do you keep your savings? At home or in the banks?

Thursday, July 2
“Of course banks are a better place to save money, you are guaranteed that no one will steal it. My salary is directly transferred to the bank and if I need I take it, so I’m safe.”
Rezo, economist, 36

“Our money, let’s say the ‘family budget’ is in the bank, because I’m afraid to keep money at home, no one is insured and one day our flat might be broken into. Of course we don’t have so much money but still, no one has enough to lose.”
Marina, housewife, 48

“No, I don’t save money in the banks, what I have is at home. Many people tell me to take it to the bank but I am too lazy to run to the bank whenever I need money. I feel more comfortable having it at home.”
Teona, accountant, 25

“Where have I the money to save? I’m living from salary to salary, month to month. The day I get my salary is a celebration for the family, how can I save it?”
Dali, teacher, 40

“I have an account in one of the local banks; it’s not safe to keep any serious sum at home.”
Giorgi, manager, 32

“Well I have had a bad experience of putting my money in the bank, when the Soviet Union collapsed me and my husband lost all our savings, so now I don’t trust any bank, but anyway I have got no money to save.”
Manana, pensioner, 67

“I still cannot forget how I lost all my savings in the 1990s, so now I trust only myself. I save all I have at home, however unfortunately I have not so much to save now.”
Dato, engineer, 50

“Every month I add some money to my savings in the bank, I think it’s safer, and also I get some interest on what I already have. I prefer to save in the bank definitely.”
Maka, accountant, 23

“I have nothing to save, so I really don’t care about this. I only think of how to live from day to day.”
Meri, pensioner, 65