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What kind of advantage do the United National Exams give you? Do you prefer these exams or the previous system?

Friday, July 3
“I consider these exams one of the most successful projects of the Rose Government. What was happening in Shevardnadze’s period was terrible. Almost all the lecturers and university rectors were completely corrupt. I like this way of doing exams and I think whoever deserves to become a student will achieve this without paying money.”
Tiko, bank employee, 26

“I passed these exams two years ago and I am very satisfied with my grades and decision. Everything was fair and I support this idea. Me and my friends are now students because we worked very hard to reach our goal. We did it and I wish future students the same success.”
Nata, student, 20

“Well I see problems with both types of exams. It is true that years ago you could become a student by paying money but it should also be mentioned that the education level was much higher; Professors and lecturers were much more intelligent and educated than they are now. You might well remember how our Professors were dismissed from the University, but they were real scholars and well educated. on the other hand the fact that our children try their best to pass the exams on their own - that is perfect.”
Avto, pensioner, 65

“Of course, I prefer the United National Exams. They are a kind of guarantee that there is a high level of knowledge and education among Georgian children.”
Maia, artist, 37

“I have no experience of the United National Exams so I cannot say anything about them, but I can say without any hesitation that the system of examinations we had before the United National Exams was really fair and ensured a high educational level in the country.”
Leila, accountant, 52

“The United National Exams are really good way for children to enter university if they really know things and want to study. I think that the United National Exams are more fair than the previous system.”
Maka, student, 20

“I think the current exam system is better. I experienced the terrible system during Shevardnadze’s time, when everything was based on money and bribes, today I think it is a lot different.”
Lela, accountant, 49

“I can’t compare them, because I graduated from university long ago.”
Ira, pediatrician, 31