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Do you expect the Obama-Medvedev meeting to yield some positive results for Georgia?

Monday, July 6
“I hope that their negotiations will help us to prevent another war taking place this summer. It’s clear that only America can stop Russia from conducting another aggression”

Manana, teacher, 46

“The great countries will do what they want, Georgia is just a toy in their hands. If the USA thinks it is necessary they will give up supporting Georgia and trade us for something more important to them.”
Lado, student, 23

“It is very hard to predict anything. I don’t know what the two world leaders think in relation to tiny Georgia.”
Gela, engineer, 49

“I guess nothing will change substantially. Russia will carry on pressurising Georgia and the rest of the world, just like it has been for years.”
Nino, teacher, 36

“I do not think that this meeting will yield any positive results for Georgia because it is one of the many at which the Presidents of these two countries talk about how to divide Georgia between them.”
Nana, manager, 49

“Of course the Obama-Medvedev meeting will yield positive results for Georgia. Obama is always categorical in relation to Georgia-Russia relationships and he always advocates for Georgia.”
Maia, guide, 26

“I am not sure, but I hope that the Obama-Medvedev meeting will yield positive results for Georgia.”
Irakli, student, 22

“I don’t know if it will bring any positive results or not, but at least it will bring some clarity to the situation between Georgia and Russia. At least we will know whether we will have a new war this summer or not.”
Gurami, unemployed, 55

“It depends on how strong Obama’s position will be about Georgia. I hope Georgia will not become a subject for political speculations between the two giant countries.”
Tengo, businessman, 39