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Whose opinion do you think Saakashvili trusts most of all?

Wednesday, July 8
“I’m sure Saakashvili doesn’t trust any opinions. He is such an eccentric kind of man that he will hardly take into consideration any opinions.”
Marina, pensioner, 62

“As nothing happens in our country without US interfere he definitely trusts the US administration’s opinion. I’m sure when the war started Saakashvili had a green light from ex-President Bush and then Presidential candidate McCain, who even gained high marks by responding to the war in Georgia during his Presidential campaign.”
Levan, economist, 29

“I think the only person Misha trusts and shares his opinion with is Minister of the Interior Vano Merabishvili.”
Guga, student, 20

“I don’t know, perhaps he follows the advice and opinions of some highly professional paleontologists and experts. I wish I had the exact answer to this question.”
Tea, doctor, 34

“I think he listens to the opinion of international organisations and the US Government. He must have some advisors as well; perhaps he takes into consideration their opinions too.”
Maka, student, 21

“He trusts only himself and he is right I think, because there have been many instances when his close allies have betrayed him.”
Lado, student, 19

“I don’t think he listens to anyone’s opinion. I guess he makes decisions based only on his own viewpoint”
Tamta, student, 23

“Maybe he listens to what foreigners tell him. I think the only authorities for him are foreign politicians and experts. Their words he takes into account I think.”
Gia, unemployed, 59

“It’s hard to say. Maybe he listens to his team members, maybe he trusts his own family and friends. I guess he, as a President should be listening to and appreciating every citizen’s viewpoint in order to make the best decision for the country.”
Ana, IT, 25