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Why do you think the Tagliavini fact finding commission’s report has been delayed for two months?

Thursday, July 9
“I think the Commission hasn’t finished its work yet. Perhaps they want to be more careful before making public their conclusions.”
Gvantsa, student, 18

“I don’t know, perhaps they are wait for something before making their final conclusion. I don’t think this delay changes anything. We can wait for two more months.”
Tsira, housewife, 56

“Unfortunately Russia has proved that it is the most influential country in the world and can play with Europe and international organisations. I think the delay is caused by the Russian factor as well.”
Givi, geographer, 55

“I have no idea, maybe because there are still some issues that are not clear yet. But whatever result they put on the table it has no meaning I think, because even if Russia is called an aggressor, it will not agree with this and say that EU is biased. That’s all that will happen.”
Tamuna, office manager, 34

“The conclusions have been postponed and I see a positive sign in this, because if Tagliavini’s Commission states that Russia started the war or Russia is to blame for what happened last year, another aggression would be inevitable and this August would be as hard for Georgia as last. As the report will be released in autumn, I think a safer August will result.”
Nika, student, 21

“I’m sure Russia has somehow blackmailed the Commission staff and they have postponed it. Maybe the Russians will invent other fairy tales during this period in order to persuade the Commission that small Georgia is a monster and aggressor and huge Russia is just a victim.”
Lali, teacher, 28

“There is a lot to work on and analyse. I think it is not so easy to find out who started the war and who is to blame for war crimes.”
Nino, doctor, 28

“Maybe the Russian side is pressuring them to write some things that are in Russia’s interests and that’s why Tagliavini is delaying her report.”
Tatia, housewife, 35