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Do you believe that Levan Gachechiladze is setting up a new popular movement which ex-Interior Minister Kakha Targamadze will lead?

Friday, July 10
“I hope he will be smart enough not to involve that former politician with a scandalous past in a movement in which he says objectivity and people’s interests should be considered.”
Ana, musician, 26

“I can’t judge. Who knows, maybe Targamadze has not fulfilled his ambitions in Georgia and is trying to fulfill them now with the help of the opposition, which is in great need of money right now?”
Irakli, economist, 33

“I don’t know how true this information is but it’s better for Gachechiladze not to have any kind of contact with Targamadze, and especially take money from him, because he will definitely lose his support.”
Tamta, student, 19

“It’s such an absurd idea. I think the Government is trying a little bit too hard to present the opposition as criminals and bandits. I don’t believe these rumors.”
Dato, engineer, 39

”It is very hard to imagine that the opposition is planning to bring Targamadze back to Georgia. This sounds like a badly-written fantasy movie script. We should not be hooked by the Government’s lies.”
Emzar, unemployed, 59

“Why not? Targamadze is not wanted as far as I know, so it is not a crime judicially to cooperate with him. So it is probable that the opposition is getting funding from him and in return he will be given the leadership of the newly-created political organisation.”
Giorgi, sociologist, 30

“That’s nonsense, no one in Georgia except for complete fools or criminals would support Targamadze, that man has done enough evil to the country during Shevardnadze’s Government”
Rezo, security guard, 25

“No, it is unimaginable, I think it’s just a provocation that Misha’s people have invented to harm the opposition’s reputation”
Lamara, vendor, 46