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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, July 13
Gia Gvazava thinks confederation is bad for Georgia

Akhali Taoba has published an interview with Gia Gvazava, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia, under the headline “Russia Will Begin Talking About Confederative Arrangement Very Soon”.

“An interview with Dieter Boden, the head of the UN’s long-term mission, has recently been published. I have never liked the position of the UN. Boden’s plan practically implies a confederative arrangement. Russia will soon begin talking about establishing a confederative arrangement in Karabakh and in Georgia,” stated Gia Gvazava.

“A confederation is a relationship between independent countries. So this possibility is acceptable for Boden. Whether it should be introduced in Georgia is another question. I think a confederative arrangement would be disastrous for Georgia and encourage the country to disintegrate. Of course, Russia will attempt to delay withdrawing its Army and obtain all possible guarantees that war will not begin. Russia will camouflage its forces and leave them on our territory. Even a small provocation will work against us then. We will be wrong according to the international law. The international community will condemn us, and this will be profitable for Russia.

“Russia does not need tension. It wants to show the word that it is a peacemaker and is advocating the interests of a small nation. Then Abkhazia will belong to Russia and the Abkhazian people will be assimilated by Russians. Abkhazian people do not want to speak out about this because they are afraid.

“A lot of people already know that these ongoing processes in Abkhazia will mean the assimilation of Abkhazians,” added Gvazava.

Aggression is no longer threatening

Minister of Economy Lasha Zhvania has told journalists that a stable situation in the country attracts investments and positively affects its economic and social development, Sakartvelos Respublika reports.

The Minister added that as a result of work done by the Georgian side and the help of international organisations it has become possible to even stop Russian aggression. Georgia is already working on this and it is clear that international organisations are motivated to advocate for Georgia and support its territorial unity.

At a meeting of the Georgian National Security Council Mikheil Saakashvili stated that Russian aggression is no longer possible after the meeting between Obama and Medvedev.