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What is the best way to spend a summer vacation?

Monday, July 13
“Unfortunately, I have the sort of job which always makes it very difficult to take vacations, but if I can manage to take a holiday for a week I prefer to spend the time with members of my family.”
Roberti, museum fund guard, 56

“The best way to spend a summer holiday is to go to the seaside. For me anyway summer vacations are always associates with the sea.”
Tamuna, secretary, 25

“The best way to spend summer vacations is to go camping in the mountains with friends. I am going to do this this summer.”
Giorgi, chemist, 26

“There is nothing better than a vacation at the seaside. I usually spend my summer holidays on the beach in Batumi. It is the best place to have fun and relax.”
Natia, student, 22

“I go to my home town in Kakheti when I have a vacation. I prefer to spend time with my parents rather than go anywhere else.”
Tamuna, interpreter, 24

“My friends and I go to the mountains or simply out of town on our free days in summer. We prefer to be active when we have days off rather than rest at home.”
Lasha, economist, 28

“It’s been ages since I had a proper vacation in summer, I usually get one week or less and it is not enough to relax or have a real rest. I hope this summer I will have at least two weeks to go to the seaside.”
Maka, accountant, 23

“Anywhere you can have fun is OK for me, the sea or mountains or anywhere else is great. In summer things seem easier and better.”
Tiko, student, 19